Manny Mansbach teaches Insight (Vipassana) Meditation with Vermont Insight Meditation Center in Brattleboro, VT,  in Bellows Falls, VT and elsewhere in New England, and offers counseling and consultation for individuals, couples and organizations.

For his entire adult life, Manny has been keenly interested in nurturing and facilitating the connections between transformative inner work such as meditation and therapy, relational practices based in skillful communication, development of wholesome community, and nonviolent social transformation.

What’s New:

Facets of Love: Empowering Practice with the Divine Abodes

A Daylong Retreat with Manny at Vermont Insight

Sunday, March 25, 10am – 4pm

We are not here to perfect ourselves. We are here to perfect our love.”  –Jack Kornfield

The Buddha said that the greatest protection in all the world is love and kindness. One of the most empowering and helpful things a human being can do is to establish a mind and heart that is firmly rooted in friendliness regardless of what is happening around us, or to us. With the capacity to remain centered in the goodwill of the Brahma-Viharas or Divine Abodes, when we encounter life’s uncertainties and challenges, we are less prone to becoming destabilized and descending into ill will and “othering”, leaving the mind freer to make sound judgments about how to respond.

In this daylong retreat we will cultivate these Brahma-Viharas: boundless friendliness, compassionate responsiveness, appreciative joy, and the sublime balance of equanimity. Along with some silent practice, we will practice meditations that help to develop the qualities of the Divine Abodes, directing steadfast friendliness to self, others and to all beings, to suffering and success, and finally to welcoming all of our experience–the full truth of our lives–with a wise and caring heart.

Open to all experience levels. Beginners are welcome, and encouraged, to come. VIMC welcomes people of all races, genders, ages and sexual orientations.

Cushions, chairs, and tea are provided. There will be a short break and each person should bring lunch and a water bottle/container. Tea is provided. There is a $20 registration fee for the day to cover expenses to Vermont Insight. Click the button below to register with your PayPal account or with a credit card. For more registration options, please click the retreat information button at the top of this page. In this tradition, a Dana or generosity offering is made to the teacher at the end of the retreat out of gratitude for the teachings.

register here: https://vermontinsight.org/retreats/#mansbach

Manny’s Sunday Morning Teaching Schedule at Vermont Insight Meditation Center in Brattleboro:

Each Sunday from 10am-12 Vermont Insight offers meditation and teachings. Here are the upcoming Sundays that Manny will be leading the program:

March 25th Daylong (see above) from 10am-4pm

April 15th

May 13th

June 10th

July 29th

August 19th

directions to Vermont Insight Sunday sessions and classes

Manny’s Spring Classes at Vermont Insight:

Awareness and Wisdom: The Simple, Profound Approach of Contemporary Master Sayadaw U Tejaniya

Vipassana is a “general purpose” practice. We can take it anywhere and it can be practiced in all conditions. We can use it while living life. It is so simple and can be summed up in a few words: “Just observe and let it be.”             –U Tejaniya

The two main streams that comprise the Insight Meditation tradition as it is currently practiced in the U.S. came from Thailand and what is now known as Myanmar. Sayadaw U Tejaniya is a contemporary master from Myanmar who has a thriving center outside Yangon and teaches internationally, including in the U.S. His approach is very suitable for lay, daily life practice, and emphasizes paying careful attention to the attitude or state of the mind in each moment across the whole of our lives. By making awareness of mental states primary, we can know the presence or absence of attachment, aversion and confusion in the mind. In noticing the many mind moments free of grasping or delusion we discover a mind that is free.

The difference between a yogi and someone who is not a yogi is just the attitude toward the experience. Everything we see, hear and experience are objects, and objects…support the development of awareness, samadhi and wisdom.

                                                –U Tejaniya

Course Text: Dhamma Everywhere, Ashin Tejaniya (available by donation through the instructor), and recorded dharma talks

Four Wednesday evenings: 5:30-7pm, April 11,18 25, and May 2

register here: https://vermontinsight.org/dharma-courses/

The One Who Knows: The Wisdom Teachings of Ajahn Chah

“Within itself the mind is already peaceful. That the mind is not peaceful these days is because it follows moods….Sense impressions come and trick it into unhappiness, suffering, gladness and sorrow. But the mind’s true nature is none of these things. Gladness or sadness is not the mind, but only a mood coming to deceive us. The untrained mind gets lost and follows these things—it forgets itself. Then we think that it is we who are upset, or at ease, or whatever. But really this mind of ours is already unmoving, and peaceful, really peaceful. So we must train the mind to know these sense impressions, and not get lost in them.”                        –Ajahn Chah

The two main streams that comprise the Insight Meditation tradition as it is currently practiced in the U.S. came from Thailand and what is now known as Myanmar. Ajahn Chah (1918-1992), one of the most respected and influential teachers in the Thai Forest tradition, was teacher to many western monastic and lay teachers alike. Jack Kornfield has spoken over the years about the strengths and awakened qualities of his various Asian teachers, but he consistently ends these talks by paying homage to Ajahn Chah as the wisest. This course is an opportunity to delve into the extraordinary life and teachings of this Master.

Course Text: Food for the Heart: The Collected Teachings of Ajahn Chah and online dharma talks

Four Wednesday evenings: 5:30-7pm, May 16, 23, 30, and June 6

register here: https://vermontinsight.org/dharma-courses/


Insight (Vipassana) Meditation Group
in Bellows Falls led by Manny:

2018 meeting schedule:  (all Thursday evenings, mostly 2nd and 4th Thursdays)

March 22nd

April 12th & 26th

May 10th & 24th

June 14th

July    BREAK

All meetings 6:45-8 pm (6:30 for newcomers, beginners and socializing)

Immanuel Episcopal Church Chapel (The Stone Church on the Hill)
20 Church Street, just above downtown Bellows Falls.
click for directions

No pre-registration required.  An ongoing, open group, consisting of silent meditation, dharma instruction and discussion.
$12 suggested donation. No one turned away for lack of funds.

For more information or to be added to the email notification list (usually sent out about 2-3 days before each meeting) please contact Manny Mansbach by email or phone:  802-490-4599.



Prayer Flags in AnnapurnasThe Zen master Ikkyu was once asked to write a distillation of the highest wisdom. He wrote only one word: Attention.
The visitor was displeased. “Is that all?”
So Ikkyu obliged him. Two words now.
          Attention. Attention.

Manny Mansbach

phone: 802 490 4599 email:satisukha@gmail.com