Manny Mansbach teaches Insight (Vipassana) Meditation in Vermont and elsewhere in New England, and offers counseling and consultation for individuals, couples and organizations.

For his entire adult life, Manny has been keenly interested in nurturing and facilitating the connections between transformative inner work such as meditation and therapy, relational practices based in skillful communication, development of wholesome community, and nonviolent social transformation.

I hope your meditation practice continues to support you in staying loving, balanced and clear in these very challenging times.  I’m cheering you and all beings on!

What’s Happening? When?

Second Saturday Sangha

9:45-11:15am ET, by donation. Held on zoom.

This week:  Nov 12, 2022. 9:45 AM  

Minding Our Democracy: Meeting Post-Election Conditions with Compassion and Clarity

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Meeting ID: 862 2825 4219

Passcode: 725067


Next Saturday Sangha:

Dec 10, 2022 09:45 AM


Feel free to email me if you have questions…or if you would like to be added to the email list.

I look forward to seeing you on Saturday mornings at 9:45am!


Prayer Flags in AnnapurnasThe Zen master Ikkyu was once asked to write a distillation of the highest wisdom. He wrote only one word: Attention.
The visitor was displeased. “Is that all?”
So Ikkyu obliged him. Two words now.
          Attention. Attention.

Manny Mansbach

phone: 802 490 4599 email:satisukha@gmail.com