I have been working with clients since 1989 in a variety of settings and capacities. For several years, I was a faculty member with two different graduate programs training therapists, and and directed a community counseling center staffed by trainees. I was a licensed psychotherapist in CA for many years, but have not pursued licensure in Vermont. Therefore, I am not able to accept insurance payments.

I enjoy helping people let go of limiting beliefs, dysfunctional identities and patterns of behavior so they can remember their basic goodness and express it in relationships, through work, and in caring for their communities and the world.

manny with Bagan templesI am most interested in working with people who are regularly engaged in a wisdom practice and/or social justice/peace/environmental activism, particularly with those who are Buddhist practitioners. I believe that cultivating spiritual maturity is both a science and an art, involving both clear seeing and opening of the heart, and am committed to assisting people in finding the right blend of these qualities in their own unfolding.

I am especially skilled at and enjoy working with couples, including “non-traditional” couples. I am a very good match for couples that are committed to spiritual practice and seek a way to translate their inner work into supportive and collaborative relationships that are oriented towards liberation. I enjoy helping couples who come from an “I” and “You” mindset discover and build a strong and flexible sense of “We”.

Manny Mansbach

phone: 802 490 4599