Meditation Instruction

“Meditation teaches us that it’s possible to rest in the reality of the present and not get so caught in the thoughts and ideas that we have.”                           –Jack Kornfield

I teach Insight or Vipassana Meditation in Brattleboro, Bellows Falls, and around New England. Please see the home page on this site for current teachings. Please see my home page for current and future offerings.

I love teaching, especially witnessing students deepening in mindfulness, seeing more clearly and discovering the power of radical friendliness that allows for a resetting of the heart’s compass. I am touched when I see the caring and community that develops between people when they undertake dharma practice together. Teaching is a gift to me, and part of how I make sure I never stop being a student myself.

Manny sitting by Lake Manosarovar

“Try to be mindful, and let things take their natural course. Then your mind will become still in any surroundings, like a clear forest pool. All kinds of wonderful, rare animals will come to drink at the pool, and you will clearly see the nature of things. You will see many strange and wonderful things come and go, but you will be still. This is the happiness of the Buddha.”

— Ajahn Chah

Manny Mansbach

phone: 802 490 4599